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Cemetery space dwindling in many B.C. communities

Monday, October 30, 2017

A housing crisis of a different sort is causing grave concern in some B.C. municipalities.

On October 30, 2017 the Vancouver Sun featured an article on this important topic. 

As cemeteries run out of space, cities are scrambling to find new land for burials or maximize the land they already have, while some residents are seeking cheaper plots in the suburbs. Familiar housing terms like affordability and density are beginning to have meaning in both life and death.  “We are at, or soon to be at, a crisis in cemetery space,” said Vancouver landscape architect Erik Lees, MBCSLA FCSLA whose company, Lees & Associates, plans cemeteries across North America. “The Lower Mainland is likely the poorest-served region of all the major cities in Canada.”  Read the entire article here.

Project: Hanley Residence
Landscape Architect / Firm: LeFrank & Associates Ltd.
Location: Brentwood Bay, British Columbia
Photo Credit: David Hollebone