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Course: Asset Management & Climate Resiliency starting March 8

Course: Asset Management and Climate Resiliency

NEW course starting March 8, 2021!

Course Description
This Course introduces the fundamentals of asset management so that learners can identify the benefits and challenges of infrastructure asset management and link this to their own practice, including land use planning, operations and maintenance, finance, and risk management.  The course provides an understanding of how climate can impact assets and services, and the integration of risk mitigation and adaptation measures over the life-cycle of an asset. 

The Course consists of seven* (7) two-hour sessions delivered through an online video-enabled webinar platform. *Session 7 will be three and a half-hours in length.

The Course was designed to fulfill one of the knowledge requirements of the Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) Credentialling Program, but it can also be taken as a stand-alone course for professional development credits

Course Fee:

  • $625 plus HST (if pursuing the IRP credential )
  • $475 plus HST (if for professional development only)

For more details on the course, and to register, please visit:
For details on the IRP Program and credentialling, please visit:

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