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SGLA Section 2 Intensive LARE Webinar

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Nov 7
SGLA Section 2 Intensive LARE Webinar SGLA Technical Training Nov 7, 2021 : 12:00 am to 11:45 pm

This intensive one-day course focuses on preparing students to take Section 2 of the LARE. The course includes an in-depth overview of the exam and exam-specific test taking tips. Similar to Section 1, we will be reviewing CLARB’s test specification topics and using practice exams to assess candidates’ knowledge. Section 2 contains a lot of information that must be memorized and we can help with sorting the work. The Section 2 Syllabus contains approximately 155 pages of information and 150 practice questions.

Sarah Gronquist
825 Delaware Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
United States
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