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Members & Interns - Update Your CE Credits Today!

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

The BCSLA encourages all Members and Associates to be Lifelong Learners.  The general rule of thumb regarding the number of credits for an activity is 3 hours = 1 CE Credit and observe the maximums in each category.  The CE audits will start soon - -  If you are not in compliance fines will apply and even loss of good standing*. 

To review/update your Continuing Education Reports:

  • Log in to the BCSLA Members Page
  • Select the "PROFILE" link at the top left of the website
  • Click the CE Reporting tab which will take you to your CE credits page. You can always return to this page.

>Mandatory Continuing Education Policy (2023)

>Continuing Education Input and Credit Guide (2023)

>CE Annual Non-Compliant Members (2023)

* As per section 1.61 of the Bylaws, a member declared to be Not in Good Standing, is not entitled to use the title, stamp, or other benefits of Membership in the Society until fully complying with all conditions or a formal appeal has been filed, or the Board orders otherwise. 


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