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Online Course: Selection and Propagation of Native Plants

University of Victoria
Date of Event: 
Monday, September 12, 2016 (All day) to Sunday, December 4, 2016 (All day)

This course introduces students to the principles of native plant selection and propagation to meet site-specific ecosystem restoration objectives. Through a combination of class notes, selected readings and video presentations, we’ll focus on low-technology propagation techniques: by seed, vegetative methods and salvage of plant materials. We’ll also examine the role of artificial propagation in ecosystem restoration, rehabilitation and reclamation, while considering the criteria for species selection and both ethical and scientific principles for the collection of propagation materials. The course concludes with a discussion of the techniques of:

  • site stabilization
  • site preparation
  • out-planting
  • seeding
  • bioengineering (technique of using live plant materials to form all or part of an engineered structure to stabilize a problem site)
Laura Biggs
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2
(250) 721-8463
BCSLA Event: 
Project: Telus Atrium Garden
Landscape Architect / Firm: Sharp & Diamond Landscape Architecture Inc in collaboration with Cornelia Hahn Oberlander
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Photo Credit: Brett Hitchins