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Living Wage Employers

The BCSLA has been a Certified Living Wage Employer since 2017. Living Wage Employers are responsible employers who care about their employees and community. Support the Living Wage for Families Campaign by giving certified Living Wage Employers your business.   

The living wage is a bare-bones calculation that looks at the amount that a family of four needs to earn to meet their expenses. The living wage includes costs like rent and groceries as well as items like extended health care and two weeks savings for each adult. It does not include debt repayment or savings for future plans. To calculate the living wage rate, employers take into account their employees’ total wage plus benefits. If employees receive non-mandatory benefits, the living wage rate is reduced. BCSLA Members who are employers are encouraged to become a Living Wage Employer. Please visit here for details on how you can become a Living Wage Employer.

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