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ASLA Climate Action Plan

The American Society of Landscape Architects Announces Industry-Wide Benchmarks to Address Climate Change and Biodiversity Crises.

“Landscape architects are uniquely qualified to understand and manage complex, multi-disciplinary challenges and design sustainable, world-changing solutions."  -Pamela Conrad, ASLA, Chair of the Climate Action Plan Task Force.

Please download and read the Climate Action Field Guide.
The Field Guide features six toolkits covering 18 strategies, with guidance on how to: 

  • Design Climate Positive Landscapes
  • Design Pedestrian, Cyclist, and Public Transit-Centric Communities
  • Reduce Energy Use and Support Renewables
  • Help Communities Adapt to Climate Impacts
  • Explore Pathways to Financial Sustainability with Communities
  • Protect and Increase Biodiversity
  • Learn from Indigenous Communities Through Collaboration
  • Build Climate Coalitions

Contributed to BCSLA Climate Action page by Elaine Naisby, MBCSLA.

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