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The tools and resources linked to this portal are offered to support Landscape Architects in addressing climate change in their practice, and are intended to complement Resources for Climate Adaptation provided by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.

A Landscape Architect must always exercise their own professional judgment when providing professional services according to the BCSLA Standards of Professional Conduct and Practice Any links provided to other websites are for your convenience, and do not imply endorsement by the BCSLA. The BCSLA does not assume responsibility or liability for the content of external sites, so it is your responsibility to evaluate information before using it in your practice. Adaptation to climate change requires modifications to codes, standards, and related policies so Landscape Architects must take the time to evaluate any current requirements as part of their professional practice.


Professionals are required to use the best available science in making our decisions, and so we, the resource and planning professional associations of British Columbia, recognize that climate change is occurring and it has fundamental impacts on British Columbia’s communities and ecosystems. We know the importance of both reducing the presence of greenhouse gases in the global atmosphere (climate change mitigation) and in adapting our society and ecosystems to prepare for climatic changes (climate change adaptation). 

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