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What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture involves the design and planning of physical sites such as parks and recreation areas, both from an aesthetic and resource management perspective. Landscape architects are professionals concerned with the creative, rational planning and design of our outdoor living spaces.

A landscape architect is trained to integrate human needs into the natural environment through a functional, aesthetic and economically viable solution. Landscape architects may provide a range of services such as planning and design, budget consultation, analysis and studies, preparation of drawings contract administration and construction reviews.

Video: Landscape Architects - Creators of our Spaces

As we approach the World Summit on Design in Montreal, the Quebec Association of Landscape Architects (AAPQ) launched a promotional video on the profession of landscape architecture to raise awareness among the general public on the fundamental role of landscape architects and the discipline in the development of public and private spaces.

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Project: Hanley Residence
Landscape Architect / Firm: LeFrank & Associates Ltd.
Location: Brentwood Bay, British Columbia
Photo Credit: David Hollebone