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Internationally Trained Professionals – English

Download the documents below to help you to better understand the BCSLA application process for Internationally Trained Professionals. Please note that the information provided applies only to the province of British Columbia. Registration process may vary between jurisdictions.

Applicants unable to provide the requested documents for certification for reasons outside the applicants’ control should contact the BCSLA office for further assistance. Financial cost of obtaining evidence is not an acceptable reason. The simplest and fastest assessment route is for applicants who provide requested documentation, even if obtaining those documents is difficult or expensive.

Bridge to Registration

> Bridge to Registration flow chart

Pathways to Licensure - Solutions to Access Webinar Recording


> Download the BCSLA Step-by-Step Licensure Guide for Internationally Trained Professionals

Licensure Self-Assessment Tool

Are you ready to apply for BCSLA registration? Go to the on-line Licensure Self-Assessment Tool

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