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Internationally Trained Professionals – English

International Credentials Recognition Act
This fall, BC introduced new fair credential recognition legislation that aims to reduce barriers for internationally trained professionals seeking jobs in BC. The International Credentials Recognition Act received Royal Assent on November 8, 2023, and will come into force next summer.The act will affect 29 professions that are overseen by 18 regulatory authorities, including Landscape Architecture.  The BCSLA fully supports Bill 38 and we have been providing our response, alongside other regulators, on international credentials recognition standards to government officials.

The BCSLA is well equipped to come into compliance with Bill 38.  For many years the BCSLA, has been working on international credentials recognition programs for landscape architects, with financial assistance of the federal and provincial governments.   The BCSLA has established the program entitled Solutions to Access:  Pathway to Accessible Licensure that significantly reduces barriers to licensure for all candidates. As a professional regulator we continue to work to make sure that the public is protected through a robust Admissions Program that ensures only those individuals who are qualified can use the title landscape architect in BC whether they were educated in North America or elsewhere across the globe

Download the documents below to help you to better understand the BCSLA application process for Internationally Trained Professionals. Please note that the information provided applies only to the province of British Columbia. Registration process may vary between jurisdictions.

Working in Canada is a comprehensive source of information on regulated trades and professions in Canada. It contains information on entry requirements in both official languages and is the only site designed primarily for professional or trades people moving within Canada. It also provides information for persons considering immigration to Canada.

Express Entry for STEM Professionals: Opportunities for Foreign Workers in Canada

Canada has established itself as a global hub for science, technology and innovation, offering a thriving ecosystem for skilled professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. The Express Entry Program is a comprehensive point-based system introduced by the Canadian government to streamline the immigration process for skilled workers. The program is particularly advantageous for tech talent in STEM fields, including landscape architecture, as Canada recognizes the critical role played by these professionals in driving innovation and economic growth.


There are several options available for credentials evaluation services. The supplier evaluates formal for-credit educational programs of study for people who have studied in other provinces or countries and determines comparable levels in British Columbian and Canadian terms. Membership applicants are responsible for payment in full of all fees, including investigation fees for an extra-jurisdictional review, admission fees and other reasonable assessments. 

International Credentials Evaluation Service (ICES):  Download the BCSLA ICES Evaluation Requirements. 


World Education Services (WES): BCSLA requires both the Credentials Evaluation and Authentication Report and the Course By Course Evaluation Report

Candidates should contact the BCSLA office for information on alternate credentials evaluation services. 

If you require an English language proficiency assessment, we will accept IELTS-Academic or TOEFL-iBT. No other assessment test will be accepted.This information is used primarily by post-secondary institutions and professional organizations.


The Alternate Assessment Framework is presented as a resource to BC regulatory and certifying bodies. It may be voluntarily adopted, in whole or in part. Alternately, regulators may use this framework to develop their own process.

Applicants unable to provide the requested documents for certification for reasons outside the applicants’ control should contact the BCSLA office for further assistance. Financial cost of obtaining evidence is not an acceptable reason. The simplest and fastest assessment route is for applicants who provide requested documentation, even if obtaining those documents is difficult or expensive.

Bridge to Registration

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Pathways to Licensure - Solutions to Access Webinar Recording


> Download the BCSLA Step-by-Step Licensure Guide for Internationally Trained Professionals

Licensure Self-Assessment Tool

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