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> 2022 BCSLA Annual Membership & Firm Roster

> BCSLA Strategic Plan Update (May 2021)

2017 BCSLA Strategic Plan 

> Drawing on the Land (1st and 2nd Editions)

2022 BCSLA Professional Practice Survey Report

BCSLA Professional Practice Survey 2022

Since 1989, the BCSLA has evaluated the broader state of the profession. In 1990, RK House & Associates published the first BCSLA practice survey.   The RK House Report states that the average income for a full-time landscape architect in 1987 was $30,979, in 1988 it was $35,839.    Click on the links to the survey results to see how the profession has changed.

The BCSLA Workplace Survey was conducted in 2007, 2012 and 2017 and it is time to better understand the current workplace in today's environment. The 2022 Workplace Survery results are being reviewed and the results will be released in the Fall 2022.   If you have any questions about the survey, BCSLA Privacy Protection Policies or our Diversity Program please contact Tara Culham at 604.682.5610.  Thank you in advance for your participation! 

The results of these studies provide tremendous insight into the current state of our profession and workplace dynamics. surveys. The purpose of the survey is to collect comparative results over time, with a survey of comparable questions asked every five years.

Download the 2017 BCSLA Professional Practice Survey Report
2012 BCSLA Professional Practice Survey Report
Download the 2007 BCSLA Workplace Survey
Download the 1989 BCSLA Practice Survey (R.K. House Report)


Canadian Landscape Standard Second Edition

2019 Canadian Landscape Architect Compensation and Benefits Study



ASLA Landscape Architecture Licensure Handbook 

CLARB Landscape Architecture and Public Welfare

Ecosystem Services Natural Capital Natures Benefits In the Urban Region Information for Professionals Citizens

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Project: Richmond Gate
Landscape Architect / Firm: LADR Landscape Architects
Location: Saanich, British Columbia
Photo Credit: LADR