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2020 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey
BC Results Available Soon

Thank everyone who participated in the 2020 Diversity Survey.  The During the months of September, October and November 2020, the CSLA, AALA, BCSLA, MALA and OALA collaborated on the profession's first Diversity Survey.  The Summary of results will be available soon. 
The CSLA and component associations have plans to circulate this survey annually to begin tracking data on a long-term basis. The results of the survey will also provide valuable data to working groups, task forces and committees in developing action plans that can be incorporated nationally and in our provinces and territories.  
We have just begun looking at the data – as are the various working groups.  The first glance shows that there is lots of work to be done. As initially stated, more time to analyze the current data, and more surveys will be needed to paint a complete picture.

During the summer of 2019, the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF ) conducted two surveys focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the discipline of landscape architecture. The individual survey, completed by 551 participants, asked about experiences in the workplace, personal feelings about equity and inclusion, and any DEI issues that respondents thought needed to be addressed. 49 firms participated in the organizational survey which focused on policies and organizational commitments related to diversity. The data was analyzed to produce a short document with summary findings and key takeaways.  Log on here for details.

Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation UBC Scholarship in Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) was established in 1988 by senior members of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects as a charitable organization. Since its creation, LACF has raised funds to support research, communication and scholarship activities and has awarded over 100 grants and scholarships to projects and people that reflect the core values of the profession of landscape architecture. We welcome this opportunity to report that through the generosity of the BCSLA members and firms a yearly award of a minimum $1,000.00 was created and endowed in 2016.  This endowment is unique to BC! For all those who contributed, thank you.  For those who wish to add to the endowment and thus the size and /or number of awards, please give generously to the LACF.  Thank you to Peter Kreuk, LMBCSLA, FCSLA, and Randy Sharp, MBCSLA and FCSLA, for their dedication to this project.  



• Please send a separate email to [email protected] indicating that your contribution is to be directed to the ‘LACF UBC Scholarship’ rather than LACF General Funds.


• Please make cheque payable to LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CANADA FOUNDATION and indicate that your contribution is to be directed to the ‘LACF UBC Scholarship’.


Kari MacKinnon, Administrator 
321 Stuart Avenue 
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2G 0Y7

IFLA Global Accord

On June 12, 2018 the BCSLA Board of Directors passed a Motion to ratify the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Global Accord - adaptation for a changing world.  

Professional Leadership in a Changing Climate: Joint Statement

Professionals are required to use the best available science in making our decisions, and so we, the resource and planning professional associations of British Columbia, recognize that climate change is occurring and it has fundamental impacts on British Columbia’s communities and ecosystems. We know the importance of both reducing the presence of greenhouse gases in the global atmosphere (climate change mitigation) and in adapting our society and ecosystems to prepare for climatic changes (climate change adaptation). 

> Download the Joint Statement

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

Climate Change

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) is the voice of the profession in Canada and an advocate for its members on issues such as urban renewal, sustainable development and cultural heritage. Since the work of landscape architects embraces change, the profession is uniquely positioned to provide leadership in planning for and adapting to the stresses of a changing climate.  

The CSLA is committed to providing assistance to its members, and to other professions, levels of government and Canadian business and communities, to enhance their understanding of the contributing factors that have created planetary climate change, to promote opportunities to mitigate ongoing contributions that will accelerate deterioration in global climates, and to advance instruments and tools that will assist in preparatory and adaptive planning for environmental change. > More

> Download the CSLA Position Paper on Climate Change

Canadian Landscape Charter

The Canadian Landscape Charter seeks to uphold the following core principles:

  • Recognize landscapes as vital
  • Consider all people
  • Inspire stewardship
  • Expand knowledge
  • Show leadership

CLICK HERE to read the Canadian Landscape Charter

CLICK HERE to learn more about The Canadian Landscape Charter Initiative: Explore the Canadian Landscape Charter


Saba Farmand, BCSLA Registered Landscape Architect and Co-Producer Paul Albi have created a video series on Landscape Architecture in Metro Vancouver.

Surroundings is a 4 part video series that tells the stories behind some of Metro Vancouver’s well-known public and green spaces from the perspectives of the landscape architects who designed them. In each 20 minute episode,  high-profile landscape architects are interviewed on-site, where they share the stories behind the design and creation of these places.

> Episode Summary

View entire episodes:

> Episode 1 - Don Vaughan focuses on bringing meaning to place through the use of public art

> Episode 2 - Jeff Cutler and Mark van der Zalm focuses on park design and creating play spaces for everyone to enjoy

> Episode 3 - Margot Long focuses on the role landscape architects play in planning and urban design

> Episode 4 - Cornelia Oberlander, Ken Larsson, Bryce Gauthier, and Bruce Hemstock focuses on green roofs and making cities sustainable

Landscape Architecture Project V

At the 2019 AGM the BCSLA Membership passed a Special Resolution to allocate a maximum of $28,000 from the Special Levy fund for the period 2019 to 2021 in support of the Landscape Architecture Project V.  The funds will be used at the discretion of the Board of Directors to conduct a review of Bill 49: Professional Governance Act 2018 and the issues related to:   Architects (Landscape) ActBylaws and Standards of the Profession, labour mobility and governance.  Funds may also be expended for contractors to provide legal and government relations advice as required.


Northern Gateway Pipeline

The BCSLA followed the Joint Review Process for the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline. Although this letter missed the cut-off date for submissions, it was circulated to government officials and other stakeholders. 

Download a copy of the letter sent to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency on behalf of BCSLA Members and Associates


BCSLA Strategic Plan

> BCSLA Strategic Plan Update (May 2021)

>  BCSLA Strategic Plan 2017 (October 10, 2017)


2019 CSLA Canadian Landscape Architect Compensation and Benefits Study

Download a copy of the Study


2017 BCSLA Professional Practice Survey Report
Since 1989, the BCSLA has evaluated the broader state of the profession on three occasions. In 1990, RK House & Associates published the first BCSLA practice survey. In 2007, the BCSLA Workplace Survey was first conducted and in 2012, the Professional Practice Survey was conducted. The results of these studies provide tremendous insight into the current state of our profession and workplace dynamics. The 2017 Professional Practice Survey stems from the questions developed in the 2012 and 2007 surveys. The purpose of the survey is to collect comparative results over time, with a survey of comparable questions asked every five years.
Download the 2017 BCSLA Professional Practice Survey Report


2012 BCSLA Professional Practice Survey Report 
Download the 2012 BCSLA Professional Practice Survey Report

2012 BCSLA Strategic Initiatives

> Download the 2012 BCSLA Strategic Initiatives

2007 BCSLA Workplace Survey

> Download the 2007 BCSLA Workplace Survey

 Out of respect for the environment, please do not print these documents unless it is essential for your use. Please store and refer to the contents on screen whenever possible.


1st Edition Drawing on the Land: Contemporary Landscape Architecture Exhibition

This exhibition featured thought provoking and intriguing drawings by BCSLA Members. This exhibition included panels from the 2009 By Hand exhibition, which showcased hand-drawn works by BCSLA Members. Showcasing a range of scales, from small gardens to large civic sites to entire mountain regions, this exhibit exemplifies the breadth and aptitude of the profession and its ability to communicate ideas for exciting landscape architectural spaces.  

Download the 2010 Drawing on the Land: Contemporary Landscape Architecture Exhibition Slideshow [47MB PDF]

Download the 2009 By Hand Exhibition Slideshow [9.4MB PDF]

> View the 2nd Edition Drawing on the Land: Contemporary Landscape Architecture Exhibition Submissions

BCSLA Web Atlas

The BCSLA Web Atlas is an interactive map which presents examples of landscape architecture in British Columbia. The projects include parks, public gardens, commercial, multi-family and institutional developments. This resource has been created to support the mandate and goals of the BC Society of Landscape Architects. 

Sustainability Declaration 2002

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects is committed to actively promoting sustainability principles, goals and strategies.

> Download the Sustainability Declaration 2002 Report

Out of respect for the environment, please do not print these documents unless it is essential for your use. Please store and refer to the contents on screen whenever possible.

Click to view background photo & credits
Project: Richmond Gate
Landscape Architect / Firm: LADR Landscape Architects
Location: Saanich, British Columbia
Photo Credit: LADR