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Past Presidents

The late John Wesley Neill was the first BCSLA President when the Society was formed in 1960. He served as President for the first five formative years. Listed below are members who served as President and generously contributed their time and expertise to the BCSLA.

Jacqueline Lowe is President

Erik S. Mustonen is President Elect

2018 Stephen Vincent
2017  Scott Watson
2016  Al Neufeld
2015  Judith Reeve
2014  Jacqueline Lowe
2013  Robert Evans, FCSLA
2012  Nastaran Moradinejad
2011  Teri Cantin
2010  Mark van der Zalm
2009  Katherine Dunster
2008  G. Blair Guppy/David B. Thompson
2007  David B. Thompson
2006  Pawel Gradowski
2005  Mark Vaughan
2004  Thomas Llewellin
2003  Will McKenna
2002  Peter Kreuk, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
2001  Adrienne Brown, FCSLA
2000  Patricia Campbell
1999  Andrew Wilson
1998  Kevin Connery
1997  Greg Smallenberg, FCSLA
1996  Michael von Hausen
1995  Ken Larsson
1994  Eriks Eglite
1993  Jeffrey Philips, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1992  David Mitchell, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1991  Jane Durante, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1990  Peter Kreuk, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1989  Nancy McLean
1988  Catherine Berris, FCSLA
1987  Cameron Man, FCSLA / Judith Blake Reeve
1986  Art Cowie, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1985  Art Cowie, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1984  Richard Pavelek
1983  John Neill, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1982  Don Vaughan, FCSLA, FASLA
1981  Don Vaughan, FCSLA, FASLA
1980  Moura Quayle, FCSLA
1979  Moura Quayle, FCSLA
1978  Art Cowie, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1977  Stephen Sinclair
1976  Stephen Sinclair
1975  Don Vaughan, FCSLA, FASLA
1974  Don Vaughan, FCSLA, FASLA
1973  Harry J. Webb
1972  John Neill, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1971  Clive Justice, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1970  Clive Justice, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1969  Art Cowie, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1966-1968  Philip Tattersfield, FCSLA, LMBCSLA
1960-1965  John Neill, FCSLA, LMBCSLA

Project: Hanley Residence
Landscape Architect / Firm: LeFrank & Associates Ltd.
Location: Brentwood Bay, British Columbia
Photo Credit: David Hollebone