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Membership Applications

BCSLA Applications are reviewed throughout the year. All BCSLA Applications are reviewed by the BCSLA Credentials Committee who make recommendations to the Board of Directors who have the final approval. 

Soon you will be able to apply online by creating a secure User Account.    We are testing the site now.  Check back in the Fall when we launch the site live.

BCSLA Board of Examiners

Appearance before the BCSLA Board of Examiners is the last step towards licensure as a landscape architect in British Columbia and is essential to ensure that an individual has demonstrated sufficient knowledge, skill and ability to practice the profession while protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.

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Membership Application Forms

BCSLA Registered Landscape Architect

A Registered Landscape Architect is a person admitted into Membership of the Society in accordance with the requirements of the Bylaws and the Act, including qualification by education, examination and experience, payment of fees and annual fees when due, and compliance with the requirements of professional conduct and standards.

> Download the Registered Landscape Architect Application Form

All candidates applying for BCSLA Registered Landscape Architect membership by Reciprocal Registration or as a Senior Practitioner and is a licensed landscape architect in a regulatory body in Canada or the United States must have this form completed and returned to the BCSLA office directly from the candidate’s licensing/examination board(s).       

> Download Appendix A - Licensure Certification Form 

Additional Application Procedures for International Candidates.  All international candidates applying for BCSLA Registered Landscape Architect membership must have this form completed and returned to the BCSLA office in addition to the BCSLA Registered Landscape Architect Application Form.  

Download Appendix B - International Candidate Form

BCSLA Landscape Architect

A Landscape Architect may be one who chooses to withdraw from active practice in the field of landscape architecture, but wishes to retain his/her professional status; or full-time employee in the public sector or private industry, working in primarily management, policy, administrative or co-coordinating roles; or a full-time faculty, lecturer or writer working primarily in teaching or research.

> Download the Landscape Architect Application Form

BCSLA Intern

An Intern is an Associate who has been accepted by the Board into the Admission Program for Membership in the Society, and on such acceptance the applicant is entitled to use the designation “BCSLA Intern”.

> Download the Intern Application Form

> Download the Qualified Mentor Confirmation Form

> BCSLA Intern Handbook

> BCSLA Intern Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BCSLA Pre-intern Associate

A Pre-intern is an Associate who is in the process of meeting all the requirements needed to apply as an Intern of the BCSLA, who: has been employed for less than six (6) years in the field of Landscape Architecture; or has a degree in an allied discipline; or has work experience in a related field.

> Download the Pre-intern Application Form

> Download the Associate Policy

BCSLA Student

An individual who is registered in an accredited post-secondary school Landscape Architecture program of study, may apply for recognition as an Associate of the Society, and upon acceptance by the Board and payment of all fees when due, the individual is entitled to use the designation “BCSLA Student”.  

On May 30, 2016 the BCSLA Board of Directors meeting the following Motion was carried: MOTION #4: It was moved and seconded to set the BCSLA annual student fees to $0.00.   CARRIED

 > Download the Student Application Form

BCSLA Affiliate

Any individual, organization, institution, or business with an affiliation to the Principles and Practice of landscape architecture may apply for recognition as a "BCSLA Affiliate". BCSLA Affiliates must not be any individual, organisation, institution or business who provides services similar to that of a Landscape Architect. As BCSLA Affiliates are not bound by the Principles and Standards of the Society, applications will be thoroughly reviewed before acceptance to ensure that there is no possibility for confusion with services provided by BCSLA Members.

> Download the Affiliate Application Form


There are several options available for credentials evaluation services. The supplier evaluates formal for-credit educational programs of study for people who have studied in other provinces or countries and determines comparable levels in British Columbian and Canadian terms. Membership applicants are responsible for payment in full of all fees, including investigation fees for an extra-jurisdictional review, admission fees and other reasonable assessments. 

International Credentials Evaluation Service (ICES): Download the BCSLA ICES Evaluation Requirements. Candidates should contact the BCSLA office for information on alternate credentials evaluation services. 

World Education Services (WES): BCSLA requires both the Credentials Evaluation and Authentication Report and the Course By Course Evaluation Report

If you require an English language proficiency assessment, we will accept IELTS-Academic or TOEFL-iBT. No other assessment test will be accepted. This information is used primarily by post-secondary institutions and professional organizations.

BCSLA & CSLA Professional Dues – Fee Schedule

Download the 2021 BCSLA & CSLA Professional Dues – Fee Schedule

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Project: VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre
Landscape Architect / Firm: Sharp & Diamond Landscape Architecture Inc
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Photo Credit: Brett Hitchins