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Ecological Plant Knowledge 2: Ornamentals - 14-Week Online Course

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Sep 9
Ecological Plant Knowledge 2: Ornamentals - 14-Week Online Course Gaia College Sep 9, 2024 : 9:00 am to Sep 23, 2024 : 12:00 am

This course has a prerequisite: Ecological Plant Knowledge 1 - Natives

Typically ornamental plants are grouped for aesthetic effect with little regard for plant compatibility or - for that matter - suitability for their growing environments in geographical areas far removed from their origin. Plants are a product of their native environment, having adapted to specific soil, water and climate conditions. These are complex relationships, and to create thriving landscapes we need to have a good understanding of the growing conditions in the plants' native range.

The plant identification component of this course emphasizes ornamental landscape plants including annuals, perennials, shrubs, deciduous and evergreen trees, which are commonly used in the ornamental landscape of the temperate and cooler northern hemisphere. Weed identification and arboriculture practices such as pruning: what, when and how, will also be covered as it relates to the different plant types.

Self-guided field trips and research enrich and personalize the experience.

Here are some of the topics you will explore:

  • World biomes
  • Plant nomenclature
  • Factors in successful plant groupings
  • Weed identification
  • Plant maintenance including specialty pruning

This course runs for 14 weeks, from Sep 9 to Dec 13, 2024. The course is asynchronous, and does not require you to be online at specific times. There are, however, quizzes and assignments with specific deadlines. Enrolment is open until Sep 23, 2024. 


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