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BCSLA Publications


The BCSLA is proud to work with Naylor (Canada) Inc. to publish the Sitelines Annual BCSLA Membership & Firm Roster. The Annual is a terrific resource that lists BCSLA Members, Associates, and Affiliates by name and firm. More than 1,900 copies are circulated free of charge to BCSLA Members, affiliated businesses, industry and governmental agencies. 

2019 Sitelines Annual Membership & Firm Roster Updates

This information will be used to update the 2019 SITELINES ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP AND FIRM ROSTER, the consulting section of the BCSLA website, the BCSLA Internal contact database, the BCSLA emailing list, and updates to the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects as necessary. Please return this form to office@bcsla.org or by mail to the BCSLA office by January 31, 2019. A digital, fillable PDF of this form is available below:

Individual Contact Information Update Form

Private Sector Firm And Public Sector Roster Update Form

BCSLA Affiliate Information Update Form 

2018 Sitelines Annual BCSLA Membership & Firm Roster

The 2018 BCSLA Membership & Firm Roster was released in May 2018. Click here for the digital version. For the most up to date contact information for BCSLA Members and Firms, please visit the CONSULTING section of our website.

2018 Annual Roster


BCSLA Sitelines Annual Membership & Firm Roster Archive

 Naylor Publications Advertising Information Package - 2019 Sitelines Annual Membership &  Firm Roster

Project: Richmond Gate
Landscape Architect / Firm: LADR Landscape Architects
Location: Saanich, British Columbia
Photo Credit: LADR