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Sustainable Landscape Design Instructor –Competition ID: 863

Sustainable Landscape Design Instructor –Competition ID:  863

The School of Horticulture at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) invites applications for a part time Non-Regular Type 2 (Contract) to teach to teach starting September 1, 2021.

  • HORT 1155 Introduction to Plant Materials – Fall 2021
  • HORT 2327 Sustainable Landscape Design 1 – Fall 2021
  • HORT 2427 Sustainable Landscape Design 2 – Spring 2022
  • HORT 3210 Applied Urban Ecosystems – Spring 2022


Introduction to Plant Materials students will practice skills that will enable them to identify a wide range of plants used in all segments of horticulture. They will study the physical characteristics used in field identification of plants. Students will learn to recognize patterns of growth common to plant family and genera. They will perform plant classification for a number of plants.

Design 1 students learn to document and communicate various aspects of the residential landscape design process. Students study and practice basic manual drafting techniques and standards for producing residential concept and technical landscape drawings. They measure, document and analyze actual landscape sites for design ideas and the creation of concept planting plans. They survey sustainability principles as applied to urban landscape design.

Design 2 Students will explore conventional and sustainable approaches to landscape design associated with residential sites and small scale spaces. They will draft landscape plans. Students will practice design skills such as client interviews, preparing site inventory and analysis diagrams, and grading sloped sites for level areas. They will assess plant and material choices and design solutions that promote sustainability in landscape design. Students will prepare a portfolio including concept and working drawings such as planting, grading and layout plans, and construction details.

Applied Urban Ecosystem students will examine the relationship between people, the urban environment, and green spaces. They will analyze these landscapes for patterns of successful design, biodiversity, and physical connections between urban green patches in the same geographic area. Students will also assess public landscapes for community accessibility and social interaction. They will prepare and present plans which will improve the sustainability and value of urban green spaces

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University
12666 72 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3W 2M8

Minimum general qualifications for this position include 5 years of relevant work experience in landscape design with qualifications in Landscape Architecture or a Certified Landscape Design Designation, and post-secondary teaching experience. Preference will be given to individuals with education and/or work experience in ecology, ecological landscape design, permaculture design, sustainable landscape design (blue/green infrastructure), or environmental site design and planning is preferred. It is understood that the instructor will have the specializations to teach all of the courses listed above.

Darlene Leitch
(604) 599-2150
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Project: Westminster Pier Park
Landscape Architect / Firm: PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.
Location: New Westminster, British Columbia
Photo Credit: PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.