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Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation UBC Scholarship

The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) was established in 1988 by senior members of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects as a charitable organization. Since its creation, LACF has raised funds to support research, communication and scholarship activities and has awarded over 100 grants and scholarships to projects and people that reflect the core values of the profession of landscape architecture. We welcome this opportunity to report that through the generosity of the BCSLA members and firms a yearly award of a minimum $1,000.00 was created and endowed in 2016.  This endowment is unique to BC! For all those who contributed, thank you.  For those who wish to add to the endowment and thus the size and /or number of awards, please give generously to the LACF.  Thank you to Peter Kreuk, LMBCSLA, FCSLA, and Randy Sharp, MBCSLA and FCSLA, for their dedication to this project.  



• Please send a separate email to [email protected] indicating that your contribution is to be directed to the ‘LACF UBC Scholarship’ rather than LACF General Funds.


• Please make cheque payable to LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CANADA FOUNDATION and indicate that your contribution is to be directed to the ‘LACF UBC Scholarship’.


Michelle Legault, LACF Executive Director

[email protected]
(613) 668-4775
LACF, 12 Forillon Cr., Kanata ON K2M 2W5

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