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Sitelines - Fall 2021 (PDF) 

Sitelines Fall 2021(digital)


Welcome to the Reflection issue




1. something produced by reflecting: such as: effect produced by an influence

A lot has happened since the reimagining of Sitelines, which started in 2018. The issues since the relaunch have discussed massive topics in social, environmental and cultural realms and will continue to do so as we look in new ways at topics we thought we already knew. As a profession, we have a collective role in influencing social and environmental justice through design. As 2021 draws to a close, we reflect on transformation, resiliency, happiness and how to move forward.

This issue includes memories from Susan Herrington to mark Cornelia’s passing and Sophie MacNeill’s call to action on the climate crises. Historians Dr. John Milloy and Dr. Amber Johnson delve into the history of appropriation of the Smiling Buffalo ribstone and Jessica Werb relates the history of interned Japanese Canadians and the quiet joy expressed through the recently completed Nikkei memorial in Steveston. A SALA student researches Granville Island pre-settlement to development; we learn the hidden history of Robson Square from architect Nick Milkovich and we hear a Jewish response to "The Black Landscape," published in our Spring 2021 issue.

These articles form the multifaceted pastiche that is our industry – from keyboards clicked to shovels in the ground, from plan views to transects, we are indelibly linked to rigour and how it translates to the built environment. To reflect critically and compassionately on our collective and individual histories and share those experiences honestly is vital to designing future landscapes.

Artist’s statement

Photography and description by Chelsey Schmidtke, BDes, MLA

The photos feature magnificent surrounds of Nk’mip desert cultural centre and Spirit Ridge, a resort and residential development of the Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB). The lands surrounding Osoyoos and Spirit Ridge are among the northernmost lands of the Senora Desert, Canada’s only desert.

The plants, animals and people of this place have evolved to not just withstand but thrive in this unique environment, and Spirit Ridge offers opportunities to experience and enjoy this place while learning about the desert and its people. The economic success of OIB’s Spirit Ridge also represents the success of a community’s ability to make the most of opportunities available and to prosper.

The impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly pronounced in our country, and the Nk’Mip Creek wildfire of 2021 will have radically changed this landscape, serving as a dire reminder of continual change and of the need to respond to it.

Designer: Spirit Ridge Landscape Architect of Record George Harris, M.L.Arch., AALA, CSLA

Thank you and we look forward to continuing to evolve Sitelines in collaboration with our readership and the BCSLA membership.   Also, thanks to the advertisers whose support helps make this publication possible.


Sitelines Editorial Advisory Board (SEAB)

 The next edition has been scheduled for circulation in Spring 2022. Watch this space for details.

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Project: Richmond Gate
Landscape Architect / Firm: LADR Landscape Architects
Location: Saanich, British Columbia
Photo Credit: LADR